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Apple would introduce a new product category

According to Tim Cook’s statement to the Wall Street Journal, Apple would be closer than ever to creating a new product category. Apple has been saying for some time now that are close to entering a new category of what would be their product catalogue , and it seems that finally this year it could be the one chosen for us to see the long awaited iWatch that has generated so many rumours.

According to Cook, doing things right takes time. According to the American newspaper, you see a lot of products on the market that have not been deeply mediated and consequently do not do things too well. Tim didn’t give any hints about which new product category Apple wants to introduce in its catalogue, but more than likely referred to the smartwatch of Cupertino’s , which could incorporate functions such as measuring blood pressure and informing us of our heart rate.

Apple would introduce a new product categoryApple would introduce a new product category

These last comments by Tim are not out of line with his usual conversations with the press, and seem to be more of a message to potential investors in the company who expect to see new products . Cook usually accompanies his press conferences on the economic results of the different quarters with different sentences in which he mentions the potential of the new products that the company plans to launch.

In this same interview, Tim was asked about mobile payments, an extremely interesting area for Apple and in which the company is developing some technologies such as iBeacons. Cook answered that this is something that is very interesting for Apple and also the way to pay using the Touch ID.

Some reports show that Apple is still working on a _set-top box, something with more potential than the current Apple TV. If the new device could be integrated with live TV, it is possible that this could be considered a new category for Tim , so it may not be an iWatch we will see soon.

We will have to continue to pay close attention to the statements that Tim Cook continues to make in the few interviews he gives, and measure his words to the millimetre, because would not be the first time that Apple gives us a surprise in a keynote and it could be that instead of the rumoured iWatch, we would find ourselves with a television or any other device.

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