Apple would have trouble setting up its data centre in Ireland

At the beginning of 2015, Apple announced the installation of two data centres in Europe , more precisely in Denmark and Ireland. With a total investment of ?1.7 billion , they will be the largest in the world. Now, after a couple of years of work, there are still problems with the installation of the data centre in Ireland . Let us know the details.

This is what a data center looks like inside

Apple would have trouble setting up its data centre in Ireland
Apple would have trouble setting up its data centre in Ireland

Apple has a number of data centers around the globe, and they are very important for the company because allows the operation of its services iTunes Store , App Store , iMessage , Apple Maps and Siri.

A $50 million investment has been announced for the expansion of a data center in Nevada, United States, demonstrating the importance that these facilities represent for Apple.

The announcement of the European data centres is of great importance to Apple. The one located in Denmark is on track and according to the company’s plans would be fully operational by the end of the year .

City of Athenry where Apple plans to install a data center

But the case of Ireland is something else , from the beginning it has faced problems with the citizens close to the work.

Different objections from local residents, have led to the local Planning Authority expressed 5 concerns to Apple :

  • Location: Why Apple has decided to build the centre in a forest near the city of Athenry, as opposed to other places in Ireland
  • Renewable energy: Although Apple expressed an interest in using 100% renewable energy, it never clarified how it would go about this development.
  • Environmental impact: The extreme energy consumption that this installation would entail. Although the use of solar energy was announced, it would be difficult to carry out due to the climate of the region.
  • Protected species: The local fauna is another concern of the residents, mainly that of a species of bats.
  • Geology: Apple has been asked for information about the geology of the site where the center would be installed.

Despite the fact that Apple had been granted permission to start work before the “5 concerns” were presented to them, the company responded to them and these were looked upon favourably by inspectors .

Even so, 3 residents filed an appeal with the Supreme Court, causing the works to be delayed again and again .

The Supreme Court’s response was due to be announced on July 30, but has been postponed until October 12. And there are many who say that finally this data center will not be installed , or Apple will have to rethink the project and modify it to receive the final approval of the government. We will see this story continue between Apple and the local residents of Atherny, Ireland.

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