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Apple would have reserved a site for its Keynote on September 12

The Keynote of September 2017 is one of the events of the year for all the lovers of these products. We’ve been waiting weeks to know the official date of this Keynote, because we’re looking forward to seeing the rumored iPhone 8 and the rest of the products we’ll be seeing at this conference.

According to Dow Jones sources quoted in The Wall Street Journal today, September 12 would be the date set in the Cupertino’s calendar for their September 2017 product launch.

Apple would have reserved a site for its Keynote on September 12Apple would have reserved a site for its Keynote on September 12

Concept of the new iPhone with new white color

In addition, the possible location of the presentation, which would be in the Steve Jobs Teather, is also named in that font despite the fact that various images have shown on other occasions that it may not be finished by these dates, due to the latest delays in the works. The words quoted in The Wall Street Journal are as follows:

We believe this delay in official communication from Apple is due to problems with the location chosen to make these long-awaited announcements.

September 12th is a date that was already rumored last week and that is being confirmed little by little, although this will not be completely official until it is announced by Apple and they start sending the invitations, which we already want to see because it always gives us clues of what we will see in the Keynote itself.

If we look at previous years, if the presentation is on September 12th, the invitations will be sent next week or maybe this week, since the Apple guys are showing how untraditional they are being with the releases as we have seen in the iOS 11 betas , we will most likely see the eighth one today, and that will be a clear sign that in a week we will have the announcement of the date and location by Apple of the Keynote for September 2017.

Leave us in the comment box if you think that September 12th is a candidate date to introduce the new iPhone 8/7s.