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Apple would have already put an expiration date on the LCD screens

This year could be the last year we see Apple terminals with LCD screens. From 2019, the new iPhone will have an OLED screen yes or yes.

The main reason why the transition has not yet taken place is the lack of suppliers , where Samsung is currently the only company capable of managing a volume of these characteristics, and that, Apple is not interested.

Apple would have already put an expiration date on the LCD screens
Apple would have already put an expiration date on the LCD screens

We already told you how the Californians had invested a considerable amount of money in helping other manufacturers to improve their factories and be able to meet the demand for the new OLED panels. One of the most benefited would be LG, where it would become one of the main suppliers in the short term.

Apple invests in LG for OLED display production

It’s no secret that Californians want to adapt OLED displays to their terminals. On this type of screens there are advantages and disadvantages , but Apple knew how to do a good job improving the OLED screen of the iPhone X.

Among some of these improvements, it was possible to reduce the abuse of some more pronounced shades, for example blue. This can be seen with the naked eye on Samsung terminals, for example. The image burn-in was also reduced to the maximum, although of course, given the characteristics of these screens, it is not immune, although its impact, at a general level, is low.

So, if the information in ET News is true, the next generation of iPhone (2018) could be the last one to incorporate the LCD screens to make the definitive jump to OLED screens.

At the moment, everything seems to indicate that at least this year, one iPhone will have the already more than well-known LCD screen. Specifically in the 6.1″ model or the so-called “cheaper iPhone” (which will not be really cheap, but will be less expensive).

What do you think of Apple launching its entire range of iPhones with OLED screens?

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