Apple would be working on a “premium package” for Apple TV users

Apple continues to work to make the Apple TV the center of home entertainment.

That’s why it is working with different TV channels , to offer a subscription service that allows access to premium content.

Apple would be working on a “premium package” for Apple TV users
Apple would be working on a “premium package” for Apple TV users

For some time now, Apple has been negotiating with different cable operators in the United States , in order to offer their content directly from Apple TV. Unfortunately the negotiations seem to have stalled, and so far they have been successful.

Now, according to Recode, Apple would be negotiating with 3 major content providers to offer a premium package.

Specifically, these are HBO (owned by Time Warner), Showtime (owned by CBS) and Starz (owned by Lionsgate).

Apple allows to subscribe to these services individually, HBO ($15), Showtime ($11) and Starz ($9).

But the idea is to offer these 3 products as a single “big premium package” .

It’s really not a bad idea for users in the United States.
This way they can subscribe to a single service to consume content “on demand” through their Apple TV, instead of signing up for a traditional cable service for a basic subscription and then adding premium channels.

Neither Apple nor the companies have expressed themselves on this matter and it is clearly not known what the final price of this premium package would be. But considering that the three products can be acquired through Apple for a total of $25 , probably if we reach an agreement this package should have a lower cost.

These types of agreements are not easy to resolve, and there are many involved in the process. Clearly the operators do not want to give up their position , giving up part of the pie.

This “agreement” between Apple and the 3 content providers (HBO, Showtime and Starz) would only be available for the United States.
For other markets, Apple will need to enter into new agreements with the rights owners.

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