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Apple would be working on a new headset

Currently, Apple has only dared to release earphones with a button design like the ones that come with the iPhone or the AirPods themselves. Now it seems that this trend will end up changing as they would be working on a headset design, like the Beats but from Cupertino’s firm.

Ming-Chi Kuo has been the one who preceded this in KGI, taking for granted that they are working on this new model of headphone, a line apart from the AirPods. This new high end headphone from Apple would be released at the end of this month along with the hypothetical renewal of the AirPods as we commented in a past post.

Apple would be working on a new headset
Apple would be working on a new headset

This model would aesthetically cover the whole ear so they will be over-ear headphones that will have the purpose of isolating us from the outside noise with a greater effectiveness.

In the Apple Store we can already find headphones of Beats’ brand, but Cupertino wants one of his own brand. The reason is simple: v in view of how well the AirPods have worked, they want to continue expanding in this direction.

I think that the functions that can be integrated into these headphones are very varied in addition to the enormous autonomy they will have. Seeing the AirPods that have a reduced size and the great quality of hardware that it has, we should see what they do with a greater space.

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