Apple would be testing iPhone and iPad with lots of RAM

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Como podréis imaginaros, no sería para nada extraño que Apple estuviese buscando la forma de lograr un sistema parecido a Samsung DeX para sus dispositivos, aunque con el respaldo de una comunidad de desarrollo ya existente. Y gracias a movimientos como el salto del Mac a ARM, que abrirá las puertas de la App Store de iOS y iPadOS a los usuarios de macOS en ARM, todo parece indicar que se están preparando para esta posibilidad. No obstante, y como con todos los rumores, no tengáis muchas esperanzas.

Apple would be testing iPhone and iPad with lots of RAM
Apple would be testing iPhone and iPad with lots of RAM

More and more often, we find different rumours about the experiments Apple is carrying out in order to define the near future of its devices. From developments in augmented reality or improvements in their display technologies, to new sensors and chips… However, the results of these, as usual, either take time to arrive or simply never arrive. Although in this case, the change that could happen is quite probable.

According to the Twitter user @MauriQHD, which has proved to be a source of interesting leaks in recent months, Apple would be testing new iPhones and iPads with large amounts of RAM. Although he didn’t want to give specific figures, has already indicated that they are more than 8 GB , and of course, more than the 6 GB that the iPad Pro currently has. This rumour in itself might not make much sense beyond an improvement in multitasking, but it could be very important.

At WWDC 2020, we’ve already seen how Apple has made an ARM transition kit available to macOS developers. This kit, which consists of a Mac Mini with the same A12Z chip as the iPad Pro, has 16 GB of RAM , which covers the needs of professional macOS apps. So, let’s imagine for a moment that Apple is working on iPhone and iPad prototypes capable of booting up macOS as well, as was already rumored not long ago. Now everything makes more sense, right?

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