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Apple Works on its “Titan” Electric Car Project at Sunnyvale

Apple could be using its offices in Sunnyvale, California, to work on its Titan project, Cupertino’s electric car that has been making a lot of noise lately. We’ll tell you all the details.

215,000 square meters of office space in Sunnyvale

Apple has had a presence in Sunnyvale, California for quite some time. It is known that in 2012 they rented 250,000 square meters of office space . But since a few weeks ago it became known that renovations are being made on the campus, all of them related to the automotive sector. This has led to the suspicion that this is in fact the Titan project, Apple’s electric car.

Apple Works on its “Titan” Electric Car Project at Sunnyvale
Apple Works on its “Titan” Electric Car Project at Sunnyvale

“It is not clear if this secondary campus is ground zero for “Titan”. But AppleInsider can confirm that Apple does have a strong presence there and that the numerous renovations they are undertaking focused on the automotive industry, including an automotive work area and even a repair shop, have been built on the premises. “ says AppleInsider.

Apple’s lawyers work outside Sunnyvale, but they are slowly moving there and the company is growing so much in Sunnyvale that it could be a second campus, similar to Cupertino’s , as if it were a second Apple campus. They will probably end up needing more space than they have available and even start production of their first car in 2020.

Apple’s Titan Project

Much has been said about this Titan project, which involves the development of Apple’s own electric car. We recently learned that Apple is already a car manufacturer in Switzerland and that it would have modified some documents to become an official car manufacturer.

According to information from The Wall Street Journal, Tim Cook himself would have approved the Titan project a year ago , with hundreds of people working on the project for quite some time. Even the car could be at an advanced stage of development. Ford’s engineer, Steve Zadsky and Johann Jungwirth , the former head of R&D at Mercedes Benz, would be working on the project for Apple.

Although this rumor is taking shape in recent months and some of the news attention is focused on it, this is not the first time that Apple plans to develop a car. Steve Jobs himself had something similar in mind and called it iCar . It would consist of an electric car made by Apple, in conjunction with Volkswagen, that would be fully connected. But the project was not successful and the ideas of Steve Jobs were forgotten over time, until now.

Perhaps the Titan project is one of Apple’s biggest secrets at the moment and we don’t know if Cupertino’s people will ever speak out about it and surprise the world again with their first electric car. It’s not really important where the project is being worked on, whether it’s Cupertino’s headquarters or Sunnyvale, the important thing is that every day new rumours are coming out about it and it seems to be taking shape. Although you can always read the nine reasons why Apple wouldn’t be working on the electric car that we published in a humorous tone a few days ago.

We’ve learned that Sunnyvale could be the site for Apple’s first electric car thanks to iMore. What do you think about Apple working on the development of an electric car? You can leave your impressions in the comments.