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Apple works on an iPhone with no notch and no charging port

Este nuevo concepto de iPhone 12 Pro luce espectacular

Como vemos se trata de importantes novedades, Apple está trabajando para dejar atrás el notch y las conexiones físicas , así como en incluir la tecnología 5G que es algo que ya teníamos bastante claro. Nos espera un futuro muy interesante y Apple aparece estar trabajando mucho para sorprendernos.

Apple works on an iPhone with no notch and no charging port
Apple works on an iPhone with no notch and no charging port

Rumors indicate that next year we will see the disappearance of notch on the so-called iPhone 12 Pro. However this doesn’t mean that Face ID will disappear, Apple wants to include all sensors and cameras in a small top frame similar to the size of the current iPhone 11 Pro’s borders.

Now we have new information from Ben Geskin that reveals that Apple is already testing several iPhone prototypes with different Face ID to try to include them in this small frame. In addition there are also surprises regarding the connection of the charging port.

The first thing Geskin revealed is that Apple is already testing new camera and sensor systems to make Face ID much smaller. There are currently two options, one is to reduce the size along the length and another to make it narrower to fit in the top frame .

Apple is testing some Face ID prototypes with new optics, “some are smaller in width, others are narrower to fit the top bezel “.

In addition to this, Geskin also says that Apple is redesigning the antennas on the iPhones 2020 so that they can include 5G, ensuring that it could use new materials . But perhaps the most important thing has come with his latest contribution.

Apple would be considering getting rid of the Lightning port, but not to replace it with USB-C, but to completely get rid of a physical port. Future iPhones, not necessarily those of 2020, will only charge wirelessly and will be able to transmit information at speeds similar to USB 3.0 from about 10 feet away.

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