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Apple Worked with Google Glass-like Prototypes in the Past

Tony Fadell confirms that Apple worked on prototypes of glasses similar to Google Glass in the past

A company like Apple works on dozens of different ideas and projects throughout the year. The vast majority of these remain simple projects and never see the light of day. Most of them are never heard of, but some of these ideas end up becoming devices like the iPad or iPhone .

Others do not meet the same fate and are eventually discarded by the companies. In Apple’s case this happens regularly and now a former manager of the company has wanted to comment on old company projects.

Apple Worked with Google Glass-like Prototypes in the Past
Apple Worked with Google Glass-like Prototypes in the Past

Tony Fadell worked for years at Apple and is known to many as ” the father of the iPod “. With this title it is clear that Fadell contributed a lot to Apple and that he was a great researcher within the company. Now Fadell is the CEO of Nest, a company that makes a very special thermostat.

In a recent interview Fadell said the following:

Apple worked on prototypes similar to Google Glass

As I said before, this is no surprise. It is normal for a company like Apple to work on many different products and to invest a lot in research and development.

Anyway, it seems that Fadell is talking about something more like virtual reality glasses instead of Google Glass as we know it. Still this is a sign that in Apple already showed interest in ” clothing technology ” some years ago , when Fadell was still in the company.

This kind of technology will have a lot of presence in the next years and as they say in iPhone in Canada, Apple will be there. The company’s own CEO, Tim Cook, confirmed that they were interested in this type of technology and this is the best proof we can have that Apple will launch some product of this category at some point .

When? We don’t know that yet…

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