Apple Won’t Buy Basis Finally, Intel Has Moved Ahead

Finally Intel buys Basis and gets into the new world of wearables

Basis is a company known for the creation of one of the most capable smartwatches on the market . But that’s not all, in addition to creating its own smarwatch with its signature, it also equipped it with sensors that we cannot find in any other device on the market and is capable of registering our pulses or measuring our body temperature .

For some time now, the company has been looking for buyers for less than $100 million, which has caused major companies such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Intel and others to fight over it .

Apple Won’t Buy Basis Finally, Intel Has Moved Ahead
Apple Won’t Buy Basis Finally, Intel Has Moved Ahead

After a few months and when everything indicated that Apple could get hold of Basis, it was finally Intel, the world’s largest processor manufacturer, who succeeded in buying the company .

The reasons why Intel has decided to buy Basis can be multiple, but one of them surely has been the ability that the company has to create devices that allow the monitoring of health, measuring physical exercise or even control our heart rate and quality of sleep .

The amount of the operation is around 100-150 million dollars

The exact price of the deal is unknown at this time, although sources close to home say the deal is worth between 100 and 150 million dollars .

It seems that the wearable era is beginning and Intel did not want to miss the big event, so during these last months it has been taking some measures to strengthen the company’s position in the new market. Proof of this has been the new Quark processors and the Edison smart chip .

Although it is unlikely that we will see any smartwatch with Intel’s own signature, the purchase of Basis has opened up a new field for the processor company, that of wearables , and puts it on a par with companies such as Samsung and LG that already have some of these devices available on the market. It is even rumored that Google could be working on a smartwatch for this year, not to mention Apple and its more than rumored iWatch.

According to the guys at AppleInsider, some analysts point out that the vast majority of companies want to launch their wearable products and anticipate Apple, which is why we could see numerous launches during this year . Everything points to the fact that these devices could focus largely on issues and statistics related to health and wellbeing .

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