Apple Wins Star Wars Before Its Premiere

The premiere of the latest Star Wars movie is just around the corner. We recently published a selection with some wallpapers to make the wait more enjoyable and now Apple has also done its bit. If you tell Siri the mythical phrase “I am your father” the answers the assistant gives you are very clever .

On more than one occasion Siri has shown that she is a great film buff and now she is bringing out her funnier side again before the arrival of Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force. Here are the clever answers the iOS Personal Voice Assistant can give you when you tell her you’re her father. Let’s go!

Apple Wins Star Wars Before Its Premiere
Apple Wins Star Wars Before Its Premiere

All you have to do is activate the voice assistant by pressing and holding the Home button or via the “Hey, Siri” function if you have it activated. Then all you have to do is say “I am your father”, a legendary phrase from the Star Wars scene: The Empire Strikes Back .

Some of the answers Siri will give you to this sentence are the following:

  • Together we will rule the Galaxy as a father and… smart assistant!
  • I am guided by my feelings…
  • Blah blah, dark side, blah blah.
  • Noooooooo!
  • No! That’s not true! That’s impossible!

From Applesfera they comment that these are Siri’s answers in Spanish, but it seems that there is another one in English , although who knows if these days they add it to other languages. The sentence would be this:

“Excuse me while I jump off the maintenance walkway into the ventilation shaft… and then get sucked into a gas line and then hold on to a weather vane at the bottom of the Cloud City… metaphorically.

This is a little wink from Apple in view of the release of the latest Star Wars, but we must admit that it wouldn’t have been bad to add some more phrases besides “I am your father” . We have tried other phrases known as “may the force be with you”, but it doesn’t do anything.

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