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Apple wins appeal against European Union over Irish tax

Tim Cook solicita una “reforma fiscal corporativa global” desde Irlanda

Esto ha hecho que muchos gobiernos piensen en crear tasas especiales a las grandes tecnológicas para que parte de los impuestos se paguen en el país en el que se generan los beneficios. Sin embargo, toda esta ingeniería fiscal suele estar amparada por las propias leyes de la Unión Europea, el fallo de hoy es una nueva prueba de ello.

Apple wins appeal against European Union over Irish tax
Apple wins appeal against European Union over Irish tax

Veremos cómo evoluciona el caso ya que la Unión Europea no aceptará esta derrota e intentará seguir adelante con la multa de 15.000 millones de euros a Apple . Aún así, este tema está lejos de acabar y esperemos que todos se pongan de acuerdo para llegar a una solución a largo plazo.

Four years have now passed and Apple has just won a major victory over the European Union. In 1016 the company was accused of having received favourable treatment from Ireland and condemned to pay 13 billion euros in back taxes. Both Apple and Ireland did not see this treatment by the EU as fair and decided to appeal the sanction and the appeal to the General Court of the European Union seems to have worked as Cupertino’s company has won this appeal.

It has been 4 years of legal battles between Apple and Ireland and the European Union. Apple’s relationship with Ireland began more than 20 years ago, and this sanction was due to past taxes that Apple had theoretically not paid in the country. The European Union focused on Apple’s low tax rate agreement with Ireland, which the EU said was “selective” and not offered to other companies, giving Apple an unfair advantage. Today’s ruling, however, belies this theory. Even so, this may not be over as the EU will be able to appeal the decision.

In today’s decision, the General Court annuls the appealed decision because the Commission has failed to demonstrate to the standard legal requirement that there was an advantage .

Apple and other large multinational companies are in the spotlight in many European countries. The European Union tax structure that allows the free movement of goods and capital between EU countries allows revenues to be channelled through a single country, usually Ireland which has the lowest taxes.

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