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Apple wink to Lost fans in the new iOS 6 Passbook

There are countless companies that put surprises or “Easter eggs” in their applications. Google is known for this, as is Apple, which also has a long history in this area. This time we are going to talk about the last “touch of humor” that the company of the bitten apple has given in one of its tutorials for developers, more specifically, the one of Passbook.

If you have a developer account on Apple’s official developer site, you may have been setting aside some time these days so that you could take a look at some of the tutorials Cupertino has made available to those who want to know how the new features that will appear with iOS 6 work. There we can find tutorials about how almost everything works with the Apple mobile operating system, but this time I would like to highlight one of them. Specifically the one that has to do with the new functionality of iOS 6: Passbook.

Apple wink to Lost fans in the new iOS 6 Passbook
Apple wink to Lost fans in the new iOS 6 Passbook

And why do I want to highlight this one? Well, it’s not because it’s interesting (which it is), but because is a little surprise that the Bitten Apple people have included in this tutorial . One of the utilities of this application, is to be able to save the data of our credit cards, our discount coupons of certain shops and our boarding cards of the flights that we must do. And speaking of flights: if I tell you about a fateful and tremendously well-known flight by millions of people who were glued to their TVs for more than six years to see what was happening to the survivors of the accident of that flight, surely you know that I am talking about Lost, a magnificent ABC series that left many with a bitter taste and others completely perplexed by its (for me) incomprehensible ending.

For Apple fans who are also fans of Lost, we bring you an Easter egg prepared by Cupertino , and it is none other than to see in one of the examples of the tutorial a boarding card for Oceanic flight 815, departing from Sydney and arriving in Los Angeles . Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That’s the flight that crashed on that island a few years ago. Although the date and time are not the same, it is anecdotal that Apple has used this flight, so I do not think it was a coincidence, especially considering that the late Steve Jobs was the largest shareholder of Disney , a company for which he had some affection, and this in turn owns the television network ABC, which produced Lost. I, as a Lost fan and Apple addict, love to see this kind of small details that bring together, even in a small way, two of my favorite passions.

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