Apple will use a “walkable solar floor” in its stores


“If you want me to do things solely with profitability in mind, you’d better change your shareholders.” Tim Cook has thus overcome the criticism of some investors of Apple’s determination to use renewable energies in the majority of its installations. As you know, the future headquarters of the company will be powered 100% by renewable energies, and it is estimated that this building will save the emission of 61 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Apple will use a “walkable solar floor” in its stores
Apple will use a “walkable solar floor” in its stores

But the company doesn’t want to stop there, and the last thing we learned is that it’s going to use a ‘walkable’ solar surface in all its stores, a technology that it seems to be launching in its San Francisco flagship. The details of this new bet are not yet known, but it promises to make the company’s centers more sustainable.

9to5Mac collects the information of a document published on its website by Onyx Solar, a company specialized in solar technology and that has officially announced that Apple has entrusted it with its photovoltaic solar technology that will be applied first in the recently opened store in San Francisco. The exact detail of the product ordered is not known, but it has been confirmed that it will be a transparent surface that allows solar charging, while it can be walked on.

The company’s website explains that these are anti-slip glass plates that support a weight of 400 kg and that allow the loading of solar energy . In this way, the load-bearing surface would be used in the entire extension of the tents, and not only on the roof of the tents. Or as Cook would say, “we try to apply innovation not only to our products, but also to the environment.


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