Apple will stop ordering OLED displays exclusively from Samsung

It is known by all that the OLED screens that mount the latest iPhones are provided by Samsung, even the screen that will incorporate the iPhone 11 to be presented in September will be the same as the last Note 10 or S10. This poses a problem for Apple which is dependent on a single OLED display provider, something that can cause supply problems as it has no other source for these displays.

This dependency will soon come to an end, as Cupertino’s company is moving forward to sign a contract with the Chinese factory BOE that manufactures OELD screens.

Apple will stop ordering OLED displays exclusively from Samsung
Apple will stop ordering OLED displays exclusively from Samsung

So far Samsung has enjoyed exclusive control over the production of OLED panels for Apple since f ue the only company that met the standards required by Cupertino’s company for its iPhone X and XS. But not everything is rosy as Samsung even imposed a penalty on Apple by not reaching the minimum orders required in the contract because of the bad sales that had the iPhone XS.

Now Apple has found the Chinese display manufacturer BOE who since June is a candidate for the company’s supplier list. It seems that talks are flowing well as reported by the Nikkei Asian Review, so we are close to signing a new order.

At the moment Apple is testing BOE’s OLED panels quite ‘aggressively’ in order to determine whether they meet the required quality standards. To all this we must add that BOE would already be opening new factories in Sichuan that would destine Apple if in the end an agreement is reached.

But BOE’s screens will not go directly into the making of next year’s iPhone, but Apple will go very cautiously. These BOE screens will first be used for repairs in the Apple Store as well as the older models that will continue to be manufactured.

The fact that there is competition between several brands is something that benefits us users a lot as we could experience a drop in the price of the panels. The only thing we hope is also that we will continue to have an optimal screen quality to the quality that Samsung offers us which is unquestionably excellent because they know how to make screens, so we hope that there will be the minimum required by Apple to other manufacturers.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this future agreement between Apple and BOE.

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