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Apple will start producing the latest iPhones in India

Many rumors pointed out that India was going to be a key country for Apple, since they would be assembling most of their iPhones here. There were many doubts about these claims but it seems that finally the test production will start in the next weeks . Currently in India Wistron would be producing the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s but this production would eventually be expanded.

According to a recent report from Apple, they are promoting the implementation of Foxconn in India in order to start producing the company’s high-end models such as the iPhone X and XS. Today from Bloomberg confirmed this information stating that these plans would already be in place with the start of initial production.

Apple will start producing the latest iPhones in IndiaApple will start producing the latest iPhones in India

According to this report from Foxconn would be a few weeks to start producing the latest iPhones in India to be able to stimulate sales of these devices in this country that we have already seen that are not too good for the purchasing power of its inhabitants.

The first device to be assembled by Foxconn in India would be the iPhone X, on a trial basis, before starting mass assembly in the factories outside the city of Chennai. At the moment these plans are private and the sources have asked for discretion regarding their identity, although this would already be a reality.

There are several theories for this decision by Apple to open factories in India. The first one is to be able to stimulate the sales of its devices that in the last years have suffered a decrease because of the Chinese models that are much cheaper. According to a study of the 140 million devices sold in this country, only 1.7 were iPhones.

The second theory, and the one I think is the main reason to make this decision, is to diversify their factories. Currently the tension between China and the US is quite strong and Apple doesn’t want to find commercial tariffs to be able to import the iPhones assembled in China so they should have a plan B and open these factories in case the US-China relations get worse.