Apple will reward users who have purchased applications in error

Before the arrival of iOS version 4.3, the mobile operating system allowed purchases to be made without the need to enter a password until 15 minutes after the last authentication. This led to numerous errors in application and game purchases. Apple is negotiating the refund of all money earned due to erroneous purchases by users. This measure is still pending approval by a federal judge.

Apple has agreed to settle a nearly two-year lawsuit in which a group of parents complained to Cupertino’s company about wrongful purchases made by their children. According to the plaintiffs, the lack of a password request at the time of purchase led to the mass acquisition of applications in an unwanted manner.

Apple will reward users who have purchased applications in error
Apple will reward users who have purchased applications in error

Garen Meguerian left his 9-year-old daughter his iOS terminal, from which he downloaded several games for free from the App Store. Several weeks later, the mother discovered that her daughter had purchased other games and applications worth $200. Meguerian sued Apple for damages demanding a full refund in addition to the lawyers’ fees.

Later, other parents in similar circumstances joined the cause, including the case of a parent whose child had spent a total of $1,200 on iTunes after buying several containers of “virtual berries” for a video game. Each container was worth $99.

All of these incidents occurred before Apple upgraded its operating system to version 4.3, when Apple allowed the purchase of applications up to 15 minutes after the last user authentication without the need to re-enter the password. This feature was intended to speed up the shopping experience, but got nothing but complaints from users due to misdirection like the ones we discussed.

As part of the preliminary settlement with the apple company, which has not yet been agreed to by the judge, Apple will pay those affected with an iTunes Gift Card in the amount of $5 or such amount in cash. And for those users who spent more than $30, it is offering a full refund.

An estimated 23 million iTunes accounts have made an unwanted purchase. All those affected who have written a complaint about this will, in principle, receive the money they are entitled to for the wrong purchase. This settlement has yet to be approved by a federal judge. If this happens, Apple will begin processing the claims and will later make the appropriate payments.

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