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Apple will replace the Mac Messages app with a Catalyst version based on the iOS 14 code

According to the code of the preliminary version of iOS 14 obtained by several media a few months ago, we have been able to discover several new features that will arrive in the operating systems this coming June 22nd. One of these novelties will be the arrival of a new app Messages to the Mac thanks to the Catalyst project.

As the iPhone or iPad versions of Messages gain new functionality, a situation becomes apparent: the iOS version and the macOS version of the Messages app are not on par . Functions like TapBack are very unintuitive on the Mac, others, like Memoji or effects when sending messages directly, are only supported in iOSiPadOS.

Apple will replace the Mac Messages app with a Catalyst version based on the iOS 14 code
Apple will replace the Mac Messages app with a Catalyst version based on the iOS 14 code

Apple is aware of the situation and is working on porting the iPadOS version of the Messages app to the Mac. This transition, made possible by the Catalyst project, will allow the arrival of all the new features we have been enjoying on our iPhone or iPad to the Mac. Moreover, thanks to the fact that it will be a single development, from the moment the two versions are put together they will follow the same path: a single development for both iPad and Mac .

All these clues come from the iOS 14 preview that was leaked to the press several months ago. So far Apple has already introduced several apps on the Mac thanks to the Catalyst project: Voice Notes, Podcasts and Stock Market. Hopefully, since the introduction of the Catalyst project about a year ago, Apple has refined the system itself and is using it to bring more functionality to the Mac.

One of the most hype apps is generating with its arrival at the Mac is Shortcuts . The one we can describe as the Automator of the iPhone and iPad could make the step to the Mac in the next WWDC. We don’t know if it will replace Automator or complement it, but, without a doubt, being able to run our shortcuts directly on the Mac, either from the Finder itself, the TouchBar or a dedicated app, will be a major change in the system.

The Shortcuts app has a tremendous potential when it comes to automating repetitive actions on our devices. It’s clear that Apple doesn’t intend to merge iPadOS and macOS, Craig said it very clearly with a “No” of four meters the last developers conference, but the trend we do see is the gradual homogenization of the tasks we can perform on different devices.

At AppleI’ve done a 365-day Time Lapse with the iPhone and two simple shortcuts

For now, like all the information we have deduced or extracted from the iOS 14 preview, we must take it with caution. In the meantime, we can get ready for the WWDC on June 22nd. What a great feeling!

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