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Apple Will Reorganize Your Stores by Treating the iPod as an Accessory

Weeks ago Apple was updating the iPod family, but what we could not imagine is that soon after they were going to reorganize the Apple Store with quite important changes for these devices. As far as we know, the American company is preparing to make significant changes in its physical stores by relocating the iPods and treating them as if they were an accessory.

But getting iPods on the shelves isn’t the only change the company will make at the Apple Store. It seems that will also eliminate the iPads that are next to each product to show information about them, leaving aside the concept of Apple Store 2.0 that has been used for 4 years.

Apple Will Reorganize Your Stores by Treating the iPod as an Accessory
Apple Will Reorganize Your Stores by Treating the iPod as an Accessory

Apple will begin making these changes on Tuesday night next week at its Apple stores across the United States so that by Wednesday everything will be ready when customers arrive and can see the new look. In the rest of the countries it is not known when the change will take place, but it will surely not be long.

iPods will be treated as one more accessory at the Apple Store

The shelves are usually reserved for accessories such as Apple Watch straps, iPhone or iPad cases, headphones and other products. From now on, it seems that the walls of the Apple Store will also have a space for the iPod family .

Apple usually has all of its products on display in the store, from iPods to iMacs, for users to see and try, but the stock is stored in the back and taken out to the customer when they go to buy. With these new changes, the system will remain the same for most products, except for the iPod which will be on the accessory shelves and can be picked up directly without the need for one of the employees to take the model you want out of the back room.

The iPod was once one of the most important products for Apple and one of the main reasons for the company’s resurgence in the 2000s. However, it no longer receives the same annual upgrade treatment as the Mac, iPad or iPhone and does not get the best sales figures as Apple’s main source of income.

Other changes to the Apple Store in the coming days

On the other hand, from 9to5Mac they comment that the relocation of the iPods will not be the only change in the Apple Store. We could also see the disappearance of the so-called “Apple Store 2.0” .

This initiative was launched in mid-2011 to replace the pricing cards with an iPad next to each of Apple’s fully featured products. However, with the planned changes, these informative iPads will also disappear from the Apple Store and the detail and price information will appear on the same iPhone, iPad and Mac as the exhibition .

In this way, will be able to save a lot of space on the big tables of the Apple Store , space that the company will take advantage of to put more test devices for customers.

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