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Apple will remove One to One Formations from the Apple Store

Cupertino’s boys are still renovating their Apple stores. Just today we told you that they had updated the website with a new dating system for the Genius Bar and the different workshops they offer in the physical stores. Now we have to add a new piece of news, and it is that according to what we have learned Apple could soon eliminate the One to One formations from the Apple Store .

On the other hand, we must not forget that little by little the Apple Store will be updated to relocate the iPod as an accessory and eliminate the iPads that function as an information point along with the different products that the company has on display. Without a doubt, at Apple are doing a complete overhaul of the physical stores .

Apple will remove One to One Formations from the Apple StoreApple will remove One to One Formations from the Apple Store

The news comes from a fairly reliable source that says the Apple Store will soon stop offering the well-known One to One formations . These trainings are very useful for all those users who are new to Apple, as they learn how to use their device and get the most out of it.

One-to-One training will soon be a thing of the past

Currently, the One to One program offers personalized training in which you will have the possibility to learn at your own pace with an instructor who will solve all your doubts . They’ll show you how to take your first steps with your new Mac, iPhone or iPad, or if you prefer, they can teach you how to handle a more specific subject: iMovie, Mail, Aperture, Pages and more.

Signing up for the One to One service is priced at £99 for a full year and is only available when you purchase a device from the Apple Store or Apple Online Store. Once you’ve signed up, you can attend the sessions you want to improve your skills and get the most out of your new Apple product.

However, everything seems to point to the fact that Apple Retail wants to make these training sessions free of charge and turn them into a workshop class within the categories of “Discovering” and “Creating” . One of the reasons would be that many of the students have complained that the One to One sessions are too short and there is too much noise, since they are held in the Apple Store itself.

Apple is working on remodeling the One to One training system

For this reason, MacRumros comments that Apple would be working to change this situation and make these learning classes continue to be a unique experience for the users who attend them . One to One training provides a lot of information to students, especially those who are new to the Apple world, but on many occasions it is complicated to take and the hours are not enough for many.

Therefore, Angela Ahrendts wants to give a radical change to this type of One to One training in order to improve the service and to make it better adapted to both the instructors who give it and the students who attend it. Now we just have to wait and see what they have in mind, how they carry out this change and when.