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Apple will remove 3D Touch from all its 2019 iPhone models

¿Supondrá 2019 el fin de 3D Touch?

Esta información, compartida por MacRumors, podría suponer un duro golpe para algunos usuarios que sí hacen uso de las funcionalidades que hace posibles. En estos casos, Apple haría uso del nuevo Haptic Touch del iPhone XR como sustituto , pero no está igual de integrado que 3D Touch al consistir de una solución de software, y no de hardware. Por ahora, tendremos que esperar para ver cómo se desarrollan los acontecimientos hasta el evento de septiembre.

Apple will remove 3D Touch from all its 2019 iPhone modelsApple will remove 3D Touch from all its 2019 iPhone models

In 2015, Apple presented to the world its latest innovations in smartphones, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. These two phones had some really interesting features inside, some of them even more attractive than the ones that could be launched the following year with the iPhone 7. For example, it was the first phone to integrate the active listening function for “Oye Siri”, and even integrated a pressure-sensitive display . And that’s where 3D Touch comes in.

3D Touch is the name given to the technology that would later improve the iPhone’s Home button, and which is an evolution of the Apple Watch’s Force Touch. Thanks to the integration of 3D Touch in iOS, we can access different shortcuts and get small views of some details of the interface. For example, we can use it to view the contents of a link without switching tabs in Safari, or to preview an email.

Ever since 3D Touch was launched by Apple, there has always been the question of whether it was really used enough to justify the cost it could have for the iPhone user. Cupertino’s also tried to replace or remove 3D Touch from some models like the iPhone SE or the iPhone XR. However, it has not been until now that a group of Barclays analysts have reported the possible total disappearance of the technology in the next models in 2019.

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