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Apple will release 3 iPhone this 2018

Apple no quiere sorpresas: ¡los iPhone de 2018 al horno!

De momento tendremos que esperar todavía unos meses para ver que nos tiene preparado Apple, pero sin duda alguna los tiempos de Steve Jobs son pasado, y no solo veremos al sucesor del iPhone X en el mercado, sino que además podremos ver otros dos nuevos dispositivos, a los que no descartemos que se sumen alguno más .

Apple will release 3 iPhone this 2018
Apple will release 3 iPhone this 2018

¿Crees que Apple volverá a apostar en este 2018 por la diversidad en lo que se refiere a lanzar varios modelos de iPhone al mercado?

When Steve Jobs was still with us, Apple had marked on its annual calendar the launch of a new iPhone , which brought together all the features users needed and achieved millions of sales worldwide with ease. With the rise of Tim Cook, Cupertino’s strategy changed. First we saw the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and last year we saw up to three new mobile devices in a single quarter.

2018 looks like it won’t be any different. Although the essence and spirit of Jobs remains, Apple’s strategy has changed completely. Everything indicates that we will see three new iPhones , possibly next September, but we still don’t know their names.

According to several rumors we could see the successor of the iPhone X, which could be named as iPhone X2 , an iPhone X Plus with a bigger screen and a third iPhone, which could be named as iPhone 9, with a 6.1 inch LCD screen and an affordable price. It is precisely with this last terminal that Apple would seek to continue conquering users attracted by a price that could be between 600 and 700 dollars.

This information has come out in recent hours from the mouth of the renowned Amit Daryanani, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets , who has also confirmed something that almost everyone knew and that is nothing more than the low demand that the iPhone X has had on a global level. In Cupertino, work is now underway to reverse this situation and close 2018 with the launch of three new iPhones that will give the company a boost.

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