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Apple will publish a list of iPhone games compatible with MFi controllers

Apple is preparing a list of games that support MFI controllers

Almost a year after Apple announced that the iPhone would have official Made-For-iPhone or iPad (MFi) certified controllers, Cupertino seems to be releasing a list of games that support these controllers . This is a relief for users who up to now have depended on testing to find out if each title is compatible or not.

Since iPhone and iPad games are so good I hardly play the most powerful consoles. Their portability, the simplicity of many of their titles, and ultimately their quality, make you use these devices before a PlayStation 3 or Xbox. To all this we must add the recent possibility of playing with controllers that are placed like a case and make games much more fun .

Apple will publish a list of iPhone games compatible with MFi controllers
Apple will publish a list of iPhone games compatible with MFi controllers

At iPadizate, we were lucky enough to get a chance to try the Logitech Powershell, and we were thrilled. In addition to this one, there are others like those of Moga or SteelSeries, but all have the same problem, there are many games that do not allow the use of these controls . The problem doesn’t end here, but there is no list specifying which games are supported and which are not.

Therefore, the only solution is to download and test games with the trial-and-error method until we find the chosen one. This is neither convenient nor simple, let alone cheap . We decided to make a list of games that were compatible with at least the Logitech Powershell. But the best thing would be for Apple to do it.

The current lists of MFi-supported games are not updated

That’s why the news that it looks like Apple is finally going to make this list is a great joy for all players who use the iPhone or iPad for their games. All this, almost a year after these drivers appeared thanks to iOS7. However, it is true that each manufacturer already had a specific list, but that is not enough as they were not at all accessible .

The best way to do this would be, as some third party products do, to allow you to download an app of their creation that gives you an updated list of available App Store games. However, it seems that Apple, instead, what it does is invite users to view a list edited and updated by Apple .

The problem is that we don’t know yet if this list that Apple will make will be revised periodically or not . Be that as it may, I’m sure this list is better than the current lists of manufacturers which, as we have already said, are quite difficult to find on their websites.

In addition to this, it is very likely that the control manufacturers will update the firmware of their products to take advantage of this update, and who knows if they will add new titles from the App Store to these lists. In any case, you can update your iPhone and iPad controllers via iOS or Mac.

With all this, we can only wait for this sector of products for the iPhone or iPad to grow. According to our colleagues at 9to5Mac, it seems that Apple will soon allow us to control our Macs and iPads from our iPhone , so these controllers will be, more than ever, console controls.

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