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Apple will pay users to help improve Maps

Apple has decided to adopt a measure that will involve users in the development of one of the most controversial native apps in recent years, Maps.

What does this participation consist of?

Freelancers or assistants will be asked to type in a search query for a location and will then be presented with a series of maps with specific results.

Apple will pay users to help improve Maps
Apple will pay users to help improve Maps

The work to be done by these assistants will be to analyse the results provided by the search carried out and to answer a kind of questionnaire where you will be asked about the accuracy of the names of the streets, specific addresses, locations of certain references and some other queries related to the correct geolocation of the places presented.

Maps, you still have a long way to go

Will I get paid or will it be a totally altruistic help?

If you want to participate in this initiative of the company of the block and help to improve Maps is your opportunity, and on top of that charging! But don’t expect an attractive salary to buy your next iPhone without giving up the one you currently own.
For each job/task/help you provide, you will earn an income of $0.54 (the equivalent of a packet of potatoes, small, of course) and you will not be able to perform more than 600 tasks per week, a figure that only a privileged few would be able to achieve, since they would have to invest almost 20 hours a day to reach that limit.

How or where do I access the help?

The help will be possible thanks to the availability of a tool that Apple has in its possession. You will only have to register and perform the appropriate tasks that are specified or you think necessary.

The program/tool is called TryRating and, thanks to the interface developed by Apple, it is quite intuitive and easy to use.

Personally, I think Maps is a good alternative to Google Maps?

Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Four years ago, and even less, the answer would not have been categorical but I would have chosen the alternative offered by the company of the big G; but, today, Maps seems to me a worthy alternative to all the Apps of the competition, either Google Maps or Here.

In recent years, at least in my circle of action, I have not seen any serious failures or bad positioning by the Cupertino’s application, and this is thanks to the efforts that Apple has dedicated to improve this application.

I call it!

If with iOS 10 Maps you brought a redesign and a new interface, with iOS 11 you should also bring some new features, at least in my view.

One of these improvements would be the implementation of a Street View at the level of its competitors and, the other, would be the integration with public transport (I do not know if in other cities its integration will be correct but, at least, where I live, which is Seville, this integration is practically non-existent)

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