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Apple will pay $440 million to plagiarize iMessage and FaceTime


Apple’s history in the courts is long and drawn out, and unfortunately for Cupertino’s, it doesn’t always end well, as with Samsung. In fact, the resolution of his trial against VirnetX for a patent issue related to iMessage and FaceTime has just come out.

Apple will pay $440 million to plagiarize iMessage and FaceTimeApple will pay $440 million to plagiarize iMessage and FaceTime

The sentence? Apple will have to pay 439.7 million dollars . This is how the winners of the trial have expressed it, although it is already known that an appeal is always possible:

The case dates back to 2012, when VirnetX sued Apple for patents related to FaceTime, iMessage and VPN . Cupertino lost the trial, but in 2014 the case was reinstated with the admission of an appeal, requiring a new judicial process.

Perhaps the 440 million dollars is small change for Apple, which sees its image damaged by a company known for its work as a patent “troll”, that is, whose only activity is to hold patents on different technologies , and then sue the companies that infringe them. In this case, he even called for the closure of iMessage and FaceTime.

VirnetX is clear: they either pay a royalty for the use of their patents or continue to sue and raise the amount of the claim. An Apple representative has stated that they will appeal again.