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Apple will offer its employees two weeks off to work on personal projects

Apple, since Tim Cook has been in charge, is moving forward with change after change, and changing things that were unthinkable in Steve Jobs’ time. Although Cook’s first year in office was one of transition, with little change, this year, 2012, the changes have been quite intense and relentless. The last thing we know is that the Californian company is giving its employees two weeks off throughout the year so they can fully dedicate it to personal projects outside of Apple.

Apple sometimes gets some attitudes from Google, and this time it’s all related to the way they treat their employees, where those from the Mountain View company are kings in terms of leisure time and treatment .

Apple will offer its employees two weeks off to work on personal projectsApple will offer its employees two weeks off to work on personal projects

In a report in the Wall Street Journal, Jessica Lessin, a journalist from the American newspaper, has commented that in Cupertino they have created a new modality among their employees called Blue Sky , which consists of leaving the workers a period of two weeks free when they want throughout the year.

These two weeks can be used to work on personal projects outside of their responsibilities within Apple.

It is a system similar to Google 20%, which allows your employees to spend 20% of their time on parallel projects that can help Google indirectly .

Apple’s policy is more conservative, allowing only two weeks throughout the year, while Google’s is continuous. However, at Google they benefit indirectly from the extra work of their workers, when at Apple they will not benefit from their workers in this period .

But let’s not think that this concession can be taken by any employee at Apple, since is limited to a small group of assigned workers .

In Silicon Valley, they have always been known for taking great care of their employees, and all companies promote leisure and free time for their workers during working hours, something that here in Europe, on the other side of the pond, is unthinkable. So we can only say bravo to Apple, for improving a little bit more the personal life of its busy employees .