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Apple will not release the HomePod until you are satisfied with the quality

2017 has been the year of the iPhone X and nobody doubts it. However, other devices presented by Apple, have also been awaited with great expectation, among them, the HomePod, although each time, it is delayed more.

Thus, around the delay of Apple’s smart speakers, the company’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller, stated about the reason for the delay of the HomePod, and referred to other software errors and security holes discovered a few days ago, which according to him, were due to a bad week for Apple.

Apple will not release the HomePod until you are satisfied with the qualityApple will not release the HomePod until you are satisfied with the quality

In an interview published on Sunday by The Telegraph, Schiller seemed relatively discreet in reflecting on the Apple year. He did not promote the company’s successes or express much concern about setbacks.

In the interview, he also took the opportunity to ask Schiller about the HomePod, and why it didn’t get to the stores in time for this year’s Christmas shopping season, despite its big break last spring. In light of this, Schiller said that Apple was not going to launch a product that he thought was not ready.

“Some companies like to solve things, even if they don’t think they’ll succeed from the start. We care a lot about the quality of the things we want to put in there, so if it’s not ready yet, it’s not ready.

Without a doubt, the statements made by Apple’s chief marketing officer are clearly in line with Apple’s policy of offering its products when they pass all quality tests and not just to meet an agenda. A clear example of this, we saw it last year with the delay of the AirPods; and as it continues to show until today, they were worth all the wait.

Finally, Schiller was interviewed about a number of technical issues, including security holes in macOS and HomeKit, as well as a self-correcting iOS bug that replaced the letter “i” with a question mark. In this regard, he explained.

Thus and with much relevance, Schiller knew how to summarize a large part of what has been Apple’s year

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Source: cultofmac