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Apple will not ban calculator widgets

Just yesterday we were echoing a news item that was causing a major media stir among Apple fans and users, and that is that James Thomson, developer of PCalc, published a tweet telling us that the PCalc widget for the iOS 8 Notification Center, had to be removed , as Apple did not allow any widget to perform calculations from the Notification Center .

This prohibition by Apple was truly striking and incomprehensible, since in principle the widget from PCalc did not contradict any of the rigorous guidelines that Apple had given for the permission of widgets , and moreover, it had been approved in advance, so it was a major setback for the development team of the same.

Apple will not ban calculator widgets
Apple will not ban calculator widgets

Today we have learned that Apple, faced with a decision that many of its users had not understood and that, as we said yesterday, did not break with the harmony of the system but rather provided an important utility to its users, has decided to revoke its decision and not to go ahead with this prohibition , and therefore, to be able to add widgets that allow us to make quick calculations from the Notifications Center.

The information that the decision had been revoked from Cupertino was transmitted today by TechCrunch, which cited sources from Apple itself, and which stated that everything that happened was due firstly to the tremendous success of the PCalc application, which was one of the first to be updated to iOS 8 and to have widget for the Notification Center, which led Apple to a review of it and to a situation where it was possible to perform calculations from the Notification Center, that they had not foreseen, and that while it did not contradict the guidelines given regarding widgets , it did not seem to be allowed either .

Finally, and in view of the unforeseen situation, from Apple have chosen to allow the widgets calculator type , a decision that is to be applauded and that is nothing but an added advantage for all users of terminals with iOS 8.

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