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Apple Will Not Approve Apps for Weighing Objects with iPhone 6

The 3D Touch of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has opened a new world of possibilities for developers within the world of mobile devices. Just yesterday we showed you a video in which an iPhone 6s with Jailbreak was used as a scale to weigh some plums, but it seems that Apple doesn’t want that kind of applications in the App Store.

Some developers have given free rein to their creativity and have gone one step further with the features that the iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch currently has. One of the utilities found in this new technology is that of converting the iPhone 6s into a precision scale for weighing objects and small quantities through the pressure exerted on the screen.

Apple Will Not Approve Apps for Weighing Objects with iPhone 6
Apple Will Not Approve Apps for Weighing Objects with iPhone 6

However, it seems that Apple is not in the mood for the task and does not consider it a very good idea to use the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus as a scale , so it will not approve the applications developed for this purpose.

Thanks to the story of an iOS developer named Ryan McLeod, who has created a new application that allows you to use the 3D Touch . The way his application works is very curious, because in order for the iPhone 6s to be able to weigh the object, a spoon must be used as an intermediary, as you can see in the video.

Well, thanks to McLeod, we’ve learned that Cupertino’s people don’t want this kind of app in their App Store. The app that turns the iPhone 6s into McLeod’s scale has been rejected several times by the American company after sending it to the App Store to make it available to users in the app store.

Apple hasn’t given any explanation about it or made any statement about it so far, but seeing this repeated rejection of McLeod’s application, it seems that Cupertino’s people don’t want the iPhone 6s to be used as a scale, not even for small objects. The reason for this would be to avoid problems that this could cause to the product , as well as the effect it could have on the user experience and the warranty.

The iPhone 6s screen is sensitive to various levels of pressure thanks to 3D Touch technology , which extends the options and experience of use with the device. However, as they say in TheVerge, surely in Apple they had not imagined that someone could think of using the iPhone to weigh objects.

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