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Apple will launch the AirPower base in the fall for $150


It’s been almost a year since the introduction of iPhone X and iPhone 8. All three devices had a very important new feature that everyone wanted: wireless charging. To introduce this feature Apple introduced a charging cradle that it called AirPower .

Apple will launch the AirPower base in the fall for $150
Apple will launch the AirPower base in the fall for $150

This cradle allows to charge several devices at once including iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods with a wireless case. However, despite being presented in the keynote a year ago, there is no trace of the AirPower base.

All this year we have been waiting for the departure of AirPower base or at least a logical explanation from Apple for the delay . We haven’t had either one or the other, but its launch may be imminent.

New information about the base and details about its launch has just appeared , and this same source states that all three of this year’s iPhones will be wirelessly charged:

  • The load base has 22 coils.
  • Apple has customized the wireless charging chip.
  • Each coil is independent and does not overlap.
  • Each coil can be wirelessly charged by the Apple Watch.
  • The AirPower base will be launched this fall.
  • The price will be 1,000 yuan, which is approximately $150.

According to this data, the price could be $149 in the US. In our country this would be about 127 euros at the exchange rate, but we already know that Apple usually does a different conversion in Europe . So it is normal that the price would be somewhat higher.

If we take the example of the AirPods, which cost 159 dollars in the USA and 179 euros in Spain, we could set a price of 169 euros for the AirPower base in Europe . The base will normally go on sale after the presentation of the new iPhone on September 12.


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