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Apple will launch products that will blow everyone’s mind

Steve Wozniak is back, this time at a technology conference in Lithuania. But this time, instead of ranting against Apple or praising the competition, he says that the most important thing is that Apple has the highest profit margin in the industry, and that they will leave us all stunned with new products they launch.

While Apple’s shares continue to fall sharply day after day, returning to values of more than a year ago, already at the $300 mark, Steve Wozniak comes to the fore to give a little hope about Apple’s future . According to the co-founder of the Californian company, Apple will launch products that will surprise and amaze us .

Apple will launch products that will blow everyone’s mind
Apple will launch products that will blow everyone’s mind

This was stated in a Lithuanian technology conference :

He also admitted that had no idea what these new products might be :

It’s hard to believe that Woz doesn’t know what Apple is up to, but because he’s politically correct he claims he doesn’t know anything. What’s more, if he dares to claim that they will present us with something big, it’s because he knows something . We could be talking about the iWatch, the low-cost iPhone, or even the new iTV.

Wozniak launched this reflection during his lecture . He foresees a moment when computers will be so powerful that they will be able to bring us to a state of absolute happiness, and that they will prevent us from thinking too much . It also ends with speech recognition on mobile devices being much more powerful than what we know so far.

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