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Apple will introduce iOS 8 at WWDC14. Will it also announce iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 may be presented at WWDC along with iOS 8

Well, if this rumor is confirmed we would be less than two months away from the iPhone 6 presentation . According to this, in addition to the almost certain iOS8 presentation at WWDC, Apple could make the jump with the expected new star phone of the company.

The World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is an event organized by Apple every year and will take place in San Francisco from June 2nd to 6th. According to the company’s own note, the event will bring together 1,000 of the company’s own engineers and 5,000 developers chosen at random from all interested parties from around the world.

Apple will introduce iOS 8 at WWDC14. Will it also announce iPhone 6?
Apple will introduce iOS 8 at WWDC14. Will it also announce iPhone 6?

According to Apple’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Philip Schiller, the conference will allow developers to take a look at the latest developments in iOS and OS X . Some take this statement as an implication of the iOS 8 presentation.

The new operating system could include an updated Notification Centre and, with more information, the introduction of voice notes and some improvements to the Messages and CarPlay applications .

Speculation with more credit points to two times this year when the apple might present the iPhone 6. One is in the fall, which would mark the logical cycle of Apple’s introductions over the past two years . Another is in June, taking advantage of the World Conference.

June is listed in speculation as the date for the iPhone 6 launch

At last year’s conference, developers were able to see the latest developments from Apple, iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, iTunes Radio and the Mac Pro at first hand. Perhaps at this year’s June event we could be lucky enough to meet up with the presentation of the iPhone 6 and be able to use it this summer, without waiting any longer.

What else can we expect from the World Conference? Well, maybe something related to iWatch or maybe its presentation, which would be a coup for Apple, since, Google plans to offer new details of the recently announced Android Wear , in its conference for developers to be held at the end of June.

You can also expect a version of OS X with minor updates or some revisions to the MacBook catalog with important new processor, memory, and design features .

Less likely would be to have something new in terms of the iPad Pro which, according to rumours, would have a 12-inch screen, a Microsoft surface-style keyboard case and would be suitable for professional environments.

As the folks at ValueWalk say, we’re anxious to see what Cupertino has in store for us for the event in early June .

Do you think Apple could present the iPhone 6 at the World Developer Conference?

Important update

As every year, the WWDC14 can be followed live from iPadizate via the following link:

WWDC14 live

See you on the 2nd!

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