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Apple will include the Night Shift feature in all other devices

The registration of patents is a common practice of large companies in the technology sector. Both to have the rights of the patent and to have a legal backing, the registration is a opportunity of success for technology firms. On the other hand, such registrations often involve major legal disputes between competing firms. What is it about this time?

Apple records the Night Shift function

This is why the Cupertino people have decided to register the Night Shift system. This option was a new feature in iOS 9.3, which came with some big surprises. This system allows to change the different colors of the screen for warmer tones allowing us to rest our eyes and improving our rest at night. This function detects the lack of sunlight in order to adopt these modifications on the screen of the device. A really effective tool that got the support and acceptance of the Apple community.

Apple will include the Night Shift feature in all other devices
Apple will include the Night Shift feature in all other devices

It should be noted that this system is based on the application of f.lux , which were pioneers in developing and launching this innovative function. Let’s emphasize that this option was available in the App Store for iOS devices, as well as for Mac and Windows systems.

Night Shift will be available on most Apple devices

With this registration, Cupertino’s aim is to make this option available on other branded devices such as Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch or CarPlay . That is, in most of the devices of the Californian firm.

In this way, the American company could keep a large part of the rights to the function thus avoiding direct competition from the pioneers f.lux. However, the battle for these developers is not lost, as they could include other new features to their application that could surpass the native option of the Mac or MacBook.

It is clear that it is a very difficult fight for the f.lux, since the customers of the apple firm will dispense with its application , due to the incorporation as a native function in the Apple devices.

If you want to know more about the function of the f.lux , we leave you the link so you can have a look at it.

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