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Apple will help China in its coronavirus outbreak

In recent years, Apple has undoubtedly shown its solidarity with humanity, making significant donations to address the various problems that have affected society. One of the most recent problems that the whole world is suffering is undoubtedly the one that is being experienced in China with the outbreak of coronavirus, and Apple is going to contribute its grain of sand.

Apple stands in solidarity with China over coronavirus

China is not having a good time at the moment, with millions of citizens quarantined for the already famous coronavirus. This problem has unfortunately coincided with the Chinese New Year, and Tim Cook wanted to make a gesture to all those affected.

Apple will help China in its coronavirus outbreak
Apple will help China in its coronavirus outbreak

The company’s CEO has written a message on his personal Twitter account congratulating the Chinese New Year and also informed that he will make a donation to all those affected by the coronavirus. Tim Cook’s translated tweet reads as follows:

We will be watching closely to see what specific donation the company will make to the groups working in the field. At the moment we can say that this decision comes as no surprise to anyone since from Apple is used to having this type of gesture when there is a natural disaster or any other type of emergency. The most recent campaign that we remember without a doubt is for the fires in Australia, where Apple encouraged its users to make donations through its own website.

The situation is currently quite alarming as there are 1300 confirmed cases throughout China with 41 deaths in total . There are already enough indications that the virus is spreading through different countries including the USA and also EU countries.

Plague Inc achieves record-breaking downloads

As a curiosity, we can highlight that a game has achieved record downloads in recent weeks as a result of this virus. We are talking about Plague Inc , a game in which we will have to kill all the humanity creating a pathogen that we are evolving little by little to avoid that the countries can discover a cure.

Obviously we expect an outcome that is not so pessimistic, but no doubt it is curious that this virus is boosting the payouts and downloads of this game that is actually very entertaining.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this supportive side of Apple.

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