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Apple will have access to the new paid streaming service

News on one of the busiest technological fronts of the moment: content in streaming . Disney announced yesterday the details of its own service at streaming Disney+ , which will be launched next November 12th in the USA. The announcement comes during Disney’s Investor’s Day and just a few weeks after Apple showed its cards with Apple TV+ and other services.

Very competitive price for a very attractive catalog

Over the years, Disney has produced a very attractive catalog . We have everything from the company’s classic and modern films to all of Pixar’s, including the Marvel franchises, Star Wars, ending with The Simpsons and Futurama. This content will be included in Disney+, the name they have given to their paid streaming service.

Apple will have access to the new paid streaming service
Apple will have access to the new paid streaming service

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In numerical terms, these are the plans of the company over time:

  • Year 1: more than 10 films and more than 25 new series; 7,500 episodes; more than 100 recent films and more than 400 catalog films.
  • Year 5: more than 10 films and more than 50 new series; 10,000 episodes; more than 120 recent films and more than 500 catalog films

Although will initially be available only in the US , Disney hopes to be able to deploy it worldwide with some speed. They plan to be in most major markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America by 2021.

In XatakaDisney+ you go to the price war: cheaper than Netflix and with confirmed date and part of the catalog

In terms of pricing, Disney+ will have two subscription ranges: monthly and annual. The first will be $6.99 per month and the second $69.99 per year . No further price ranges have been specified in terms of viewing quality or number of devices that can be connected simultaneously as on other platforms such as Netflix.

Considering that is exclusive content and will no longer be available on other platforms, it is a very attractive offer. Especially for families with young children.

Available on Apple platforms

This is how Bob Iger expressed himself in words collected by Bloomberg in an interview. Iger is the CEO of Disney, who is also on the board of directors of Apple and was a personal friend of Steve Jobs (who was also on the board of Disney).

Disney has always maintained good relationships with Apple and has quickly embraced its new platforms and devices. Perhaps this is why it is not strange that he mentioned Apple specifically as the platform where Disney+ will be.

Image of the Disney+ interface shared by Bob Iger on Twitter

In fact, as can be seen in the image that accompanies this section, from the Disney presentation yesterday, we find a multitude of devices in the image. From a PS4 or an Xbox One to several intelligent televisions, a PC, a Chromecast, a Fire TV and, especially, a MacBook Pro and an Apple TV .

What we don’t know is if Disney+ will integrate with the Apple TV app, the digital content aggregator and recommender unveiled by Apple last March. It would be a big plus for the app’s service after Netflix’s refusal to integrate it.

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Sharing Disney+ will cost $6.99 per month and will be on Apple’s platforms “in all likelihood”



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