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Apple will face a fine for abusing its position in South Korea

Apple will have a large item in its budgets to pay fines imposed on it in different countries, because the number of payments it has to make due to legal problems keeps increasing . The first countries to fine Cupertino’s company were France and Taiwan, but now South Korea has joined which will impose a million-dollar penalty on the company for abusing its position with local operators that have been seriously affected by the demands imposed by Apple, which are totally abusive according to the Korean authorities. This amount has not yet been determined, but the fine is assured.

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is already investigating the company for abusing its dominant position in its country for many years now by negatively affecting the operators who would have had to pay the cost of advertising the brand in the country or even face the repair of the iPhone themselves, something that is obviously not well done, since this should be the responsibility of Apple, the big beneficiary without a doubt.

Apple will face a fine for abusing its position in South Korea
Apple will face a fine for abusing its position in South Korea

This case has not been on the table for long, but the investigation would have taken two years , finding clear evidence to declare Apple guilty of abusing its dominant position.

This research has uncovered Apple’s practices in Korea, such as forcing operators to buy a minimum quantity of iPhone , putting the stability of the operator’s economy at risk. Moreover, these operators would also have been obliged to pay the warranty expenses and even pay for the iPhone ads that appeared on the networks or on television, a real nonsense.

For all this, they will be forced to pay a millionaire fine, although the amount has not yet been decided since Apple has yet to present allegations to defend itself , although the investigation has been clear: they have abused their position in the market by carrying out these practices that we have commented on, and therefore, they will be fined.

The most controversial aspect of this case has been the company’s obligation to make operators bear the costs of advertising their products. The difference between these ads is that at the end of the ad appeared the logo of the phone company and not that of Apple, something that happens in Spain, but we do not know if who pays for this advertising here.

This does not catch them again, because in our neighbouring country, France, they were also convicted of something similar, forced to pay a fine of 48.5 million euros.

Do you find it acceptable to impose this sanction on the company? Leave your impressions in the comment box.