Apple will encrypt all emails sent from iCloud accounts

The emails sent from iCloud were not encrypted

In its quest for maximum security for its users, Apple has developed many improvements and security protocols for our information, but sometimes very simple things slip through its fingers. Apparently, emails sent from or accounts are not encrypted, and Apple is working to fix this .

I’ve lost track of the countless ways in which personal information can be obtained through hacking or simply tracing our data by any computer specialist. Companies must always be aware of their barriers, updating them day in and day out as well because when it’s not a virus, it’s a group of hackers.

Apple will encrypt all emails sent from iCloud accounts
Apple will encrypt all emails sent from iCloud accounts

In fact, these hackers have become part of the security staff of some of these companies and are now trying to prevent cases such as the HearthBleed virus or the theft of banking information from PlayStation users a few years ago. However, it is not always necessary a big cyber attack to get private information .

Sometimes, a little misdirection on the part of companies or simply an excess of trust can cause such significant privacy violations as those of WhatsApp . Another misconception, albeit on a small scale, has been had this time by Apple, and they were not the only ones not to have had any problems.

It only seems to affect and accounts

A couple of days ago it was reported that Apple did not encrypt emails while in transit between different providers . This means that while you send mail from an iCloud account to another iCloud account it’s safe, but if you send it from an iCloud account to a Gmail account, for example, it could be easily read.

As they explain from the website that discovered the fault:

As we can see, on the one hand it is a big failure, but on the other hand we should not worry too much. The first reason to relax is that not many people send emails with their Apple accounts , but they use their own. The second reason is that these accounts are at least 4 years old and most of the current users haven’t heard of them.

Even knowing that there is not much problem in Spain because of this case, it is good that Apple is already working on the solution to this security flaw that should not be repeated . Maybe if they start checking their services they can find some other hole that a hacker could enter and cover it up before it gets worse.

Meanwhile, although I do not think they have not fallen into this, since 9to5Mac we are told that Apple has not said anything about the encryption of the new email accounts that almost all users have . They probably don’t cause any problem and that’s why Apple hasn’t said anything.

What do you think about that?

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