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Apple Watch to Delegate App Execution to the iPhone

The Apple Watch will make applications run from the iPhone

As we’ve mentioned before on iPadizate, the Apple Watch has reduced processing power, and that’s a reality. That’s why, in a move that we consider quite intelligent, Cupertino’s company has decided to derive part of the processing of apps to the iPhone, such as those of third parties , to avoid overloading the smart clock.

So it happens that any third-party app (i.e. those not developed by Apple itself) will run on the iPhone , which we assume will be very close to the hand we carry the watch in, say, our pocket. This will be the case until the end of next year when the developers can start submitting their native apps to Apple.

Apple Watch to Delegate App Execution to the iPhone
Apple Watch to Delegate App Execution to the iPhone

The notifications , on the other hand, will be managed by the Apple Watch , in addition to other small and light tasks that do not consume an excessive battery, since its duration is now really adjusted: of approximately one day, confirmed the company, so every night will be necessary to put to charge our clock.

Clarifications from an Apple software developer

According to this way of working, the Apple Watch would be a screen that would be showing us an app that is actually running on the iPhone. This is what the well-known developer of apps for iPhone, iOS and Mac, David Smith, explains.

In Smith’s view:

Smith also explained in his blog that all this means that Apple is not using AirPlay technology to send the Watch’s apps to the device as if it were a streaming movie.

The developer also bets that “the biggest trace of energy that these apps will have is the link between the iPhone and the Watch. Optimizing the Watch’s operating system for an efficient link is easier than building a complete and rich SDK (…)”.

Things you may have learned from the Watch by studying the WatchKit

There are many interesting things that have come to light when studying the WatchKit that Apple recently released for developers.

For example, the font that uses Apple’s smartwatch OS is “San Francisco”, created by Susan Kare.

The Watch’s interface animations are first rendered on the iPhone and then sent wirelessly to the Watch. There may be some very slight delays in some animations.

There are two types of notices, short and long . While the short one offers very little information and disappears, the long one offers more details and must be closed by the user. Multi-gesture is not supported , we need to interact with one finger only. There are two resolutions . For the 38 mm diameter clock 272×340 and for the 42 mm diameter clock 312×390.

Without a doubt, we find the way Apple has solved the problem of the clock’s power consumption by apps very interesting. However, will require you to carry your iPhone with you at all times in order to run third-party apps. What do you think about having to carry your iPhone to use some applications?