Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40 mm) Aluminum in Space Gray

In my day to day life I get a lot out of the clock, I had the Watch Series 3 and I have not hesitated to upgrade.
I have made a summary with my experience in PROS and CONTRAS


Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40 mm) Aluminum in Space Gray
Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40 mm) Aluminum in Space Gray

?? Always On Display. One of the most awaited functions is that I like to wear the watch and be able to see the time without turning my wrist.
?? The battery lasts all day and I have plenty of it. At 10 o’clock I have 40%. I don’t use it to sleep and I take advantage of it to charge it at night but it would last a day and a half continuously.
?? The screen looks great. The automatic brightness is well adjusted
?? ECG Sensor

?? Perfect for day-to-day monitoring. Number of steps, pulses, distance. Doing sport is very precise, from the 3rd I dispensed with my chest band.

?? has 32 gb of storage, a big change from the 3 series which had 16. The system occupies several gigas.
?? The voice memo application synchronizes on all devices (clock, mobile, iPad, Mac); new in WatchOS 6

?? Noise meter and calculator (new on WatchOS 6)

?? Heart rate tracks (same as previous models)

?? It has a compass (new in Series 5) and a barometric altimeter

?? Has emergency SOS (same as previous models)

?? One of the aspects where the Apple Watch stands out from the competition is its well-polished operating system with a large number of available applications.


?? As with most Apple products, they are a bit expensive, but they are well built and durable.
?? The music you can store is the one you have in Apple Music, you can not put songs for free.

?? The music application does not have an equalizer and those that do are from third parties that only allow control from the clock the music of the iPhone

?? WhatsApp images are blurry

??? Screen and battery life:

First, let’s talk about the display and battery life. The screen looks great, even in the middle of the day. The new Always On Display function does not reduce the battery life. I usually end the day with a 40% charge, wake up at 6:30, and take it off around 10:30. The other big change in the display from 3 is that its screen is 2 mm larger. It may not look like much, but it’s nice to read the notices and get more text in.

??? Storage:

Storage has increased from 16GB to 32GB and that means more applications and music can be accommodated. I like to train with the clock and listen to music with the AirPods, however, it can be connected to any bluetooth headset. However, you can only load music into the clock through the songs you have in Apple Music. You cannot download music from Spotify directly. You would have to run the Spotify application through the AW connected to the iPhone (basically there is no local music storage for Spotify).

????Nuevos sensors and applications:

Series 4 and 5 have the ECG sensor, which can tell you if you have atrial fibrillation. Just put your finger on the crown for 30 seconds. It now includes a compass that complements the altitude meter. There is also a noise meter application built into Watch OS 6 that can tell you the decibels of your environment.

???Health and sports monitoring:

What makes the Apple Watch fantastic is its ability to track all your metrics, from heart rate to workouts. From the clock you monitor the vast majority of sports such as cycling, walking, paddling, swimming, running, elliptical, even yoga. Everything is synchronized with the Health app. On the other hand, generic data such as daily steps are also stored without touching anything.

In general, the only drawback I can see from the Apple Watch Series 5 is the price. As with all Apple products, they are expensive, but they are well built and last a long time.

That said, I strongly recommend updating the AW3 for this new model. If you have the 4, it’s probably not worth renewing.

Greetings and thanks for reading me!

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