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Apple Watch May Predict Heart Attacks

It seems that the Apple Watch heart monitor has turned out much better than everyone expected. Theoretically, there is a possibility of a medical breakthrough that would allow this apple watch functionality to be used to measure heart rate and predict heart attacks , even before they happen. We’ll tell you more about this interesting possibility.

The Apple Watch heart monitor could be very useful

Developer Brad Larson has looked into the Apple Watch heart monitor using the HealthKit and compared it to another heart monitor he has been using up until now. The Apple watch does not yet have FDA approval as a medical device, but the fact is that the Apple watch is as accurate as a professional EKG instrument.

Apple Watch May Predict Heart AttacksApple Watch May Predict Heart Attacks

Brad Larson has compared the Apple Watch to a Mio Alpha heart rate monitor, to see the performance of both. While the Mio Alpha samples every three seconds, the Apple Watch samples every five seconds, but both readings are almost identical, as you can see in the image above this paragraph.

Having a heart monitor on the wrist of the users practically all day, could be really beneficial for the study of heart diseases . Patients who currently have to go to the hospital for an accurate heart rhythm reading, along with other measurements, could get it through the Apple Watch. Thus, with data obtained by the watch over a whole day or a much longer period of time, it would help to obtain much more accurate data and thus better prevent possible heart attacks or other heart diseases.

There are already portable heart monitors

The company AlivCor was the first to obtain FDA approval, for a mobile or portable cardiac monitor (ECG) . They also have their own FDA-approved algorithm that can detect atrial fibrillation-a rapid, irregularly-regulated rate that can cause poor circulation in the heart.

Getting FDA approval from Apple is perhaps the most difficult part of the process. But the apple company has already demonstrated a dedication to medicine, with HealthKit and ReserarchKit , to make an impact on medical research. We have even learned a few weeks ago that the Watch is already part of a medical program in Louisiana. It has also become known that the Apple Watch hides an oxygen meter in the blood, which has not yet been mentioned, and that they have even hired a team of medical experts to research or improve the health skills of the smartwatch.

It seems that the clock is going to be much more important than we could have imagined at first and it is not only going to be a complement to the iPhone, with its own applications and functions, it actually hides much more potential in the area of health, as we have known thanks to Cult of Mac.

Would you rely on Apple Watch measurements to diagnose heart disease? You can leave your impressions in the comments.