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Apple Watch: Key Features and Applications

Apple Watch, the smart Apple clock that also tells the time

We are still trying to digest all the information Apple provided us yesterday regarding its new SmartWatch, something that is still not costing enough. There is a lot to see about this device, how much it can do, something that in a way makes us happy because it means that the apple company has done things right.

That’s why today we want to talk to you about the main features and functions of Watch , the first intelligent watch from Apple. Will you join us?

Main functions and applications


Apple Watch: Key Features and Applications
Apple Watch: Key Features and Applications

Receiving a message on the Apple Watch is as easy as you’d expect. Once we have received the notification, we can choose to read it, delete it or reply . Sending messages is also quite easy, thanks to dictation and smart replies with Siri. The clock will be able to suggest responses, based on the incoming message and the things we write most. Also we can skip writing a message, changing it to an animated emoticon, personalized by ourselves.

Email works the same way. We can read the message, mark it as read or unread, or move it to the trash. Or we can choose to open the message on our iPhone, where we have the possibility to write a longer reply.


Yes, the Apple clock has a fully functional phone application , which we can use to make and receive phone calls. In addition, we can use the built-in speaker and microphone for quick chats, or transfer calls to the iPhone for long conversations. We can also transfer our calls to the car handsfree or Bluetooth headset.


The fitness software in the Apple Watch is divided into 2 applications: Activity and training . Activity provides a simple graphic description of our daily activity , with three rings that tells us everything we need to know. The “movement” ring shows how many calories we have burned, the “exercise” ring shows how many minutes of strength activity we have done and the support ring indicates how often we should take a break.

The training application goes a bit further, as is able to display real-time statistics for cardio workouts, such as time, distance, calories and pace . It allows us to set goals for each workout, and invites us to meet or exceed those goals. Our training will be reflected in the application’s daily activity measurements, and the data will be channeled to the Health application on our iOS 8 device.


Apple Watch Passbook has your tickets, boarding passes, and loyalty cards, and is compatible with the new payment system , so you can actually use the device to pay securely with our credit and debit cards. To do this, simply double-click the button under the Digital Crown and keep your wrist close to a compatible reader inside the store. We will be able to see and hear a Watch confirmation once your payment information is submitted.


The Apple Smart Clock also has Siri inside . The clock version of the virtual assistant allows us to perform many of the voice command tasks without having to use the iPhone , including dictating a message, checking our next event, finding the nearest coffee shop, and much more.

Alerts and notifications

Apple Watch uses the new Taptic technology (haptic feedback) to be able to tap into our alerts and notifications. There will also be notifications to via audio and each notification will have its own sound.

We can also choose to have notifications from our iPhone appear on the watch, plus notifications designed with WatchKit will allow us to respond from our wrist.


WatchKit is Apple’s developer platform for the Watch , which will allow them to create and present third-party applications for the device. With the WatchKit, unique features can be incorporated that will allow the Watch to be used in a unique way. The limit is set by the developers.

Other functions and features

  • Over two million clock face combinations to customize.
  • Friends – shortcut icons we usually call.
  • Sketch – real-time tie with friends
  • Walkie-Talkie – use the built-in speaker and microphone to send voice memos to your friends.
  • Touch – we can let our friends or loved ones know that we are thinking of them with a quiet, gentle touch they will feel on the wrist
  • Heartbeat – by pressing with two fingers on the screen, we can see a record of our heartbeat on the device.
  • Calendar – we will be able to see the activities of the day or the next week. Apple Watch will send us reminders as well as calendar invitations that we can accept or decline directly from our wrist
  • Maps application – allows you to view your current location and get directions, highlighting the best route with turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Music Application – control your iPhone music without taking it out of your pocket, or listen to music directly on the Watch.
  • Remote Application – Control iTunes and Apple TV using the Smart Clock
  • Remote Camera – Apple Watch works as a remote control for the iPhone iSight camera and functions as a live display.
  • Stopwatch, timer, world clock, alarms
  • See weather information
  • Continuity – start something on the Watch (writing a message, reading news headlines) and finish it on the iPhone.

As you can see, there are many activities that Apple’s smart clock allows us to do, although I’m sure that as the days go by and the developers’ applications grow, we will get to know many more. At the moment, we like what we know and a lot.

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