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Apple Watch, first impressions

Apple Watch, fuimos testigos de su llegada desde San Antonio Texas

It’s already with us, well, not 100% but at least you can try it in your shops. The Apple Watch landed yesterday in the Apple stores of nine countries and we had the opportunity to try one without the need of an appointment in one of the stores of San Antonio in the United States .

Apple Watch, first impressions
Apple Watch, first impressions

Thanks to a short session of almost 25 minutes and the tests we did on the test units, here is our first impressions with Cupertino’s new device, the Apple Watch .

First impressions of the Apple Watch in video

Excellent design, tactile response its main detail

As we are used to from Apple, the design, materials and construction that we find in the Apple Watch are its strong point , its appearance will attract the attention and no matter if it is the Sport or Steel version, we will notice that the implementation of the materials is very well done.

Another point that stands out is the screen, the brightness, the resolution, the viewing angles and the colors are shown correctly, but the main problem is the tactile response , we had several problems trying to activate functions with the use of Force Touch, as well as with certain basic tasks where there was not even a response.

We don’t know if it was because we were in front of test devices, but even there were some delays when switching between various applications , for example the stored photos took a while to appear and even didn’t appear and we had to go out and come back in.

Without a doubt the crown is one of the best tools implemented in this watch , since thanks to it we can navigate through the menus and interface without having to touch the screen. On the other hand, the button below it will only serve to access our favorites that will take directly from the iPhone.

In general it is a very light and very attractive device, the operating system is a continuity of what we have seen in iOS since a couple of years ago, only implemented in a smaller screen, the animations, the colors, the customization of the covers, the contrast on the black background makes the graphics stand out and shine in all its splendor.

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch is a device that has given us something to talk about since its launch and will continue to do so for many months to come, since we still need to know in depth what it is capable of, as well as its interaction, dependence on the iPhone and of course its autonomy, but we will know this in our in-depth analysis .

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