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Apple Watch fall detector saves 92-year-old man’s life

El Apple Watch expulsando agua de los altavoces a cámara super lenta es algo que tienes que ver

La función de detección de caídas de Apple Watch está disponible en los Apple Watch Series 4 y Series 5 . La función está activada de forma predeterminada si tiene más de 65 años, pero cualquiera puede activarlo desde la aplicación Watch en el iPhone.

Apple Watch fall detector saves 92-year-old man’s lifeApple Watch fall detector saves 92-year-old man’s life

Lo mejor de la detección de caídas es que es inteligente, funciona de forma automática y llama a los servicios de emergencia si la persona no reacciona antes la alerta que aparece en su Apple Watch durante un minuto después de la caída. Es importante que tengas configurada la información de contacto de emergencia, ya que ese contacto también será notificado con un mensaje de texto y un mapa de la ubicación del reloj en el momento de la caída.

We’ve already lost count of the number of times the Apple Watch has helped people in a multitude of situations , detecting heart problems, helping in accidents or with the new fall detection function. Now we meet again a new case, a 92 year old man who was helped by his Apple Watch after a fall down the stairs.

A farmer named Jim Salsman who lives in Omaha, Nebraska, fell off a ladder several weeks ago and broke several bones. Being on the ground, he was unable to call for help or stand up to try to call someone, but fortunately his Apple Watch contacted the emergency services thanks to the fall detection feature.

Jim Salsman was at his farm a few weeks ago and decided to climb a ladder of over 20 feet to “secure a container of grain for the pigeons. However, a gust of wind suddenly moved the ladder and Salsman fell from a considerable distance to the ground.

The first thing he tried when he fell to the ground was to try to roll and crawl to his truck, but he couldn’t do that since he was several tens of meters away. However, he noticed something, he had his Apple Watch on his wrist , so he decided to call Siri to tell her that he had fallen and to call the emergency services.

But what Salsman had not noticed was that his Apple Watch had already detected the fall and had contacted the emergencies . The Apple Watch sent an alert to Grant’s Volunteer Fire Department who responded that they were on their way and found Salsman a few minutes later using his Apple Watch’s GPS.

Salsman was taken to the hospital and was treated for several fractures, among them a hip fracture . It has been a month since the accident and Jim is recovering in a rehabilitation hospital in Nebraska, although everything has been quite difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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