Apple Watch Could Sell 30 Million by 2015 Alone

According to one analyst, 30 million Apple Watch are expected to be sold by 2015

The Apple Watch is getting closer. It was presented in September together with the new iPhone 6, but it will surely not arrive on the market until spring next year , as the Senior Vice President of Apple Retail and Online Stores made clear a few weeks ago. Now, new reports talk about the sales estimates that the company’s smartwatch might have during its first year of life .

It recently came out that the Apple Watch will have two screen resolutions depending on the model, as we discussed a few days ago. But today it’s time to talk about the sales forecasts that some analysts, such as Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley, are already beginning to release about what will become the apple company’s first wearable device. According to Huberty’s somewhat conservative estimates, the Apple Watch could sell up to 30 million units throughout 2015 .

Apple Watch Could Sell 30 Million by 2015 Alone
Apple Watch Could Sell 30 Million by 2015 Alone

Don’t forget that Apple is having a very good time financially speaking . If we look back a few days we see how the company has once again broken records by achieving the largest market capitalization in its history with a value of more than 660 billion dollars. In view of this, many analysts wonder when they will reach the trillion dollars, where the sales of the Apple Watch could provide a big boost .

On what basis does Huberty think they will sell 30 million Apple Watch?

This analyst bases her forecast on the launch patterns of other Apple products and the sales they achieved during their first year on the market. In the case of the first generation of the iPhone, they expected to sell 9 million units, but finally managed to sell 12 million. In 2010, the forecasts for the original iPad were around 5 million, but Cupertino’s broke the pattern with no less than 15 million units.

Katy Huberty has taken this data into account along with the current iPhone user base , a very important figure considering that the smartwatch will depend on the smartphone. Thus, he considers that the adoption rate that the Apple Watch will have during its first year will be much faster than what we have seen so far.

According to their estimates, 10% of users who own an iPhone 5 or higher will buy the Apple Watch , which would translate into 30 million units in 2015 alone. This is quite an interesting figure considering that it is not expected to be released until spring and it is not yet known when exactly, whether early or later.

Shares could go up to $126

When a few days ago the American company achieved a market capitalization of more than $660 billion, the value of its shares was $113.08. From iPhoneinCanada they comment that, besides talking about the sales of the Apple Watch in 2015, Huberty has also raised to $126 the price he thinks the Apple shares could reach , joining other investment companies such as Piper Jaffray, UBS or Evercore.

Meanwhile, Apple is slowly but surely breaking all the patterns and achieving a market capitalization of 1 trillion dollars . Although this would require the shares to reach a value of $203. Will they succeed?

And you, do you think they’ll sell 30 million Apple Watch by 2015 alone?

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