Apple Watch Could Sell 3 Million Units in Two Weeks

It seems that the Apple Watch has not only had a very promising start, with one million reservations on its first day, analysts estimate that it could be one of the apple company’s most profitable products so far . More details follow.

The Apple Watch will sell 3 million units in two weeks

Analysts’ estimates are very positive, indicating that the Apple Watch could sell 3 million units in its first two weeks alone . They also give more details and estimate that the Sport model will sell 1.8 million units, 1.2 the steel model and 40,000 units for the Edition, the most expensive of all.

Apple Watch Could Sell 3 Million Units in Two Weeks
Apple Watch Could Sell 3 Million Units in Two Weeks

These sales estimates would generate $2 billion in revenue for Apple , becoming one of the apple company’s most profitable products so far. Remember that the smartwatch is already sold out and no new units will arrive at the Apple Store until June. Considering the amount of reserves, the Watch has already sold more than Android Wear in all of 2014.

Three different sources for calculating Watch sales

Carl Howe , director of Think Big Analytics, has based his estimates on a combination of three sources: industry sales data, which are limited to the United States, the reserves of each of the Apple Watch models and finally the estimate of smartwatch production in Quanta. He also believes that initial sales will be limited by supply rather than demand.

“I think the 3 million Watch that will be sold in the first weeks, is just the first seed of Apple in the market.” It says Carl Howe .

He also believes that although Apple uses high quality materials, as it always offers in its products, the cost of these materials is quite low compared to the price of the different models.

“While Apple uses premium materials for the Watch, the costs of materials are low compared to the price of even the smartwatch’s Sport model.”

If Howe’s sales estimates are true, the Watch Edition is a small part of the sales, if we count it by units, but if we take into account its price it is almost 25% of Apple’s total revenue, which perhaps justifies the existence of an 18-carat gold version of the smartwatch.

The clock goes on sale this very Friday, April 24th. While in Spain still does not know the official launch date , many users have already booked the smartwatch, others will have to wait until May or June to receive their watch and even Steve Wozniak himself has been left without his Watch, because he has not had time to book it, although he admits that he is interested in the watch of the apple.

Several companies are already making their own belts and battery packs , including Jonathan Ive revealed a new range of belts in different colours in Milan last week, although it is not known when they will be available for sale. Everything seems to indicate that Apple is expecting another great success with the Watch, as we have learned thanks to 9to5Mac.

Do you think the Apple Watch will be the success that analysts predict? You can leave your opinion in the comments.

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