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Apple Watch Continues to Succeed Thanks to Series 4 and Good Sales

The Apple Watch is still a product that is giving very good results in the market with some very good sales that do not stop growing quarter by quarter. According to the latest report published by Counterpoint from Apple can still claim to lead the market for smart watches in a market that is full of tremendously interesting and economical alternatives.

The data from this study shows that Apple Watch shipments increased by 22% in 2018 thanks to the good results of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch Continues to Succeed Thanks to Series 4 and Good Sales
Apple Watch Continues to Succeed Thanks to Series 4 and Good Sales

According to Counterpoint’s research analyst from Apple, 11.5 million units of the Apple Watch Series 4 were sold during 2018 . This data, added to the rest of the sales, led to a growth in Apple Watch shipments of 22% year-on-year.

The reasons for the sales success of this new model seem to lie in the health functionalities such as ECG function and fall detection. This will have been reinforced recently by opening this function to European Union countries upon receiving the authorization of the health authorities and surely when ECGs can be performed in more countries sales will increase in parallel.

It is clear that the Apple Watch is becoming a very important accessory for users thanks to the health features. According to the latest data the second best selling Apple smart watch during 2018 has been the Series 3 surely because of the price it has, for example at Amazon we can find it for 299 Euro the 42 mm model here.

Although sales are growing, the existence of more and more competitors is causing the cake to be shared among more companies and therefore Apple’s presence in this market is gradually being reduced. Although, this 2018 Apple has maintained the first place with a 37% market share dominating over Samsung or Fitbit that has taken again strength.

Leaving this participation data aside, if we look at the best selling smart watches in this 2018, which represent 48% of the market, we find 3 Apple watches. Specifically, the ranking is as follows:

  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Fitbit Versa
  • Imoo Z3
  • Apple Watch Series 2

These data are approximate because Apple keeps the sales of Apple Watch secret, although we undoubtedly see a market dominated by this product thanks to its quality and functionality. We believe that in the future when Apple continues to work on health-related improvements, sales will also grow.

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