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Apple Watch Comes to Spain and Mexico

The long-awaited day has finally arrived! The Apple Watch is now available for purchase in Spain and Mexico , among other countries, and I’m sure by now many users have already booked theirs or are on their way to an Apple Store to buy it. Today, on the occasion of the Watch’s arrival in our country, we’re going to take a look at its brief but intense history.

The Apple Watch is the first intelligent watch created by Cupertino’s company and we must admit that it has come with a vengeance. In fact, in just one day it sold almost a million units, surpassing the sales of all Android Wear models on the market to date.

Apple Watch Comes to Spain and MexicoApple Watch Comes to Spain and Mexico

But we don’t have to wait any longer and we are going to take a walk through the history of the Watch : the moment of its presentation, the models available, the units sold, curiosities and some other things. We start !

With you… The Apple Watch!

The first time that Apple released the Watch was on September 9th 2014 and it did so alongside the new iPhone 6. In this Keynote, Tim Cook only revealed some details of the watch beyond confirming its existence and giving a few details about how it works.

N or it was until March 9, 2015 when the Keynote was shown to the world all the details of the Watch, as well as the prices and the date of its launch. Thus, the pre-sale period for the Apple Watch opened on April 10 and it went on sale on the 24th of that same month for some countries in the world, including the United States, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom.

At first, the delivery times were quite long depending on the Watch model chosen due to the high demand it had, even it was not possible to buy directly from the stores because they did not have stock available. That problem seems to have been solved and recently the Watch is now available in the Apple stores.

Since it went on sale on April 24 in the first batch of countries, Apple has managed to sell more than 2.8 million units of the Watch , a figure that is not bad at all. Now that a second phase of deployment has taken place, that figure is expected to increase quite considerably, as many users are still keen to get hold of it.

Details about the Apple Watch

Apple wanted to launch its first smart watch, which they have called on more than one occasion as the most personal device they have created, with different models to choose from. On the one hand, p uedes to choose between two sizes of the Watch, one of 38 and another of 42mm .

In addition, there are three models depending on the material the watch case is made of, namely the Watch Sport Edition, the Apple Watch and the Watch Edition . The materials they are made of are aluminium, stainless steel and 18-carat gold respectively, but this is not the only difference between the three models, the material also affects the price.

One of the things that sets the Apple Watch apart from its competition is the digital crown . Apple has gone one step further and given a twist to the wheel of a traditional watch. With the digital crown it is possible to navigate the Watch’s menus and display and much more.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch runs an operating system created specifically for it as the Watch OS , which is expected to receive an update to the second version next fall.

Some curiosities of the Apple Watch

Despite the fact that the Apple Watch has only been around for a few weeks and that it has so far been available in very few countries in the world, there is already some curious news that has surprised us. One of them is that in just 24 hours managed to surpass the number of sales of all Android Wears together up to that point, as we counted in its day on iPadizate.

On the other hand, a piece of news that caught our attention was when we learned that a young Chinese millionaire decided to buy two Apple Watch Edition for his dog to put on his front paws. Yes, he bought two watches of over $10,000 for his pet.

As you can see, although the history and life of the Apple Watch is not very long, some very interesting things have happened in this short time. And I’m sure that now that it’s extending its availability to other countries in the world it’s once again causing a stir.

And you, are you going to buy the Apple Watch? Which model will you choose?