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Apple Watch Clone Auctioned on eBay

Some people’s picaresque has no limits, and when it comes to making money, it seems that morality is totally out of the question. It seems that some eBay users are taking advantage of the desire of many people to get an Apple Watch and have started selling fakes at a rather high price.

The user mattoo13 has managed to sell a supposed prototype of Apple Watch for $260 , a rather tight price if it is really a previous unit of the device, but that apparently does not correspond in any way to a product from Cupertino’s laboratories.

Apple Watch Clone Auctioned on eBay
Apple Watch Clone Auctioned on eBay

The photographs that accompanied the eBay auctions are quite clear and you can see how the supposed prototype has a protective sticker on the screen (a rather low quality sticker). The leather strap included in the device also leaves something to be desired and, in short, the overall quality of the watch is quite far from the premium quality we are used to from Apple .

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the story is that the seller has a 100% positive rating, so it seems that the buyer is satisfied with the product and it’s what he really expected. Who are we to complain about the auction?

This “Apple Watch” is not the first copy to appear. At CES 2015 in Las Vegas there were a variety of replicas of Apple’s future wearable. All of them were quite close in design, but according to those who have had them in their hands, the feeling in their hands and their characteristics were quite far from the product that the Californian firm is expected to launch to the market.

As we saw a few days ago, the Apple Watch will not be the company’s first foray into the world of watchmaking . Years ago, Apple distributed a watch with its brand in a promotional campaign, although few units of that watch remain in good condition. Without a doubt, this is a good collector’s item.

As for the real Apple Watch. It is expected to arrive on the market sometime this year, specifically during the month of March, although there are still doubts about the exact date.

How about the “Apple Watch clone” sold through eBay? Would you buy something like that?