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Apple Watch and AirPods sales estimate for Q3 2019

Portable devices are gaining a good foothold in the general electronics market. Apple would be in luck because thanks to the good sales that would be having the Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats would be in the top 1 of companies that sell portal products.

Since Apple does not give official sales figures for the mobile category, IDC has released a note where they make their own sales estimates for both Apple and the other companies. In the different presentations of economic results Apple has reported some growing revenues in the category of portable devices. This is why IDC’s estimates are quite consistent.

Apple Watch and AirPods sales estimate for Q3 2019Apple Watch and AirPods sales estimate for Q3 2019

According to IDC’s estimate, Apple sold a total of 29.5 million portable devices in the last quarter. This is an incredible figure especially when compared to the figures of the same quarter last year which were 10 million units sold. This represents a year-on-year growth of 195.5% , which is a tremendously high percentage and places Cupertino’s company as the undisputed leader, although Huawei has been the company that has grown the most year-on-year with 202.6% as we will see later.

But… what do we mean by portable devices? We are mainly talking about the Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats which have undoubtedly been very well received during the quarter. The sale of the Apple Watch Series 3 has made many people finally decide to enter the world of smart watches and also the launch of the AirPods Pro together with the sale of the previous generation would have made sales improve significantly.

Although Apple has never given exact sales data for Apple Watch and AirPods we all agree that sales are very good. We simply have to look at the waiting times and weigh them up to get some AirPods weeks after their release . And as far as the Apple Watch is concerned, it is already very common to see someone with an iPhone and that accessory thanks to the features it offers.

In the following table, extracted from the IDC note, you can see both Apple’s sales estimate and that of the other brands in the top 5.

As we see, the first company in the ranking is Apple and quite far from it in the second place is Xiaomi with 12.4 million units sold which means a growth of 66.1% . This does not surprise us at all as the Xiaomi Mi Band is also selling very well and it is easy to find someone who has one of these smart bracelets that offers very interesting health related features.

In third and fourth place are Samsung and Huawei respectively with year-on-year growths exceeding 150%, and in third place is Fitbit which has almost no growth riding that has remained quite stagnant. We must see if after the purchase of Google get to rebound and go to have a good growth.

What is clear is that the market in general is accepting this type of equipment very well, such as smart watches or wireless headphones, and in the end the companies should promote this category.

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